The Vision of the Eco-Bio-Economy is to sustainable develop the humankind welfare in all forms, through an economy of future dedicated to human life through the rational use of the environmental resources. Eco-Bio-Economy it is a scientific, economic and philosophic endeavor dedicated to the development of the integrated environment health, of the mankind welfare, through an integrated multipolar eco-bio-economic concept, which promotes the Agrifood Green Power[1] and the Smart Sustainable Integrated Development of the future.

Eco-Bio-Economy may be considered an attempt for a new eco-economic and bio-economic vision, which reunites in an integrated pattern: the economy, the ecology, the biodiversity, the eco-economy and the bio-economy focusing the integrated smart sustainable development of the world. To this valuable areas, the Eco-Bio-Economy may address possible Eco-Bio-Policies and Eco-Bio-Strategies and allows the contribution of the social economy, of excellence and of the “all in one quality”, of the welfare economy, of solidarity, social corporate responsibility, as elements which may be utilized in an integrated practical future platform in a multipolar world for a healthy and ecological environment, to ensure and to promote a smart, creative, innovative, economic sustainable development. The use of the decision-making process at the highest level and the modern diplomatic tools are the expected and needed catalytic agent for a global eco-bio-policy and eco-bio-economic successful equation.

[1] Alexandru T. Bogdan si co-autori (2010), Prospects of Agrifood Green Power in 2050 and Forecasting for 2100 with Sustenable Solutions Based on Ecobioeconomics new Paradigm, Bulletin UASVM Animal Science and Biotechnologies, 67 (1-2)/2010, Print ISSN 1843-5262; Electronic ISSN 1843-536X