SMART Integrated Sustainable Development, SMART Integrated Green Power and  Environment Integrated Health in a globalized world are considered to be new syntagms that have the close applicability in the next future, dedicated to the development of the economy, ecology, biodiversity, eco-bio-economy for a healthy environment. For these fields of activity and reflection, there are new approaches related to the integration of the Green Management, Green Quality, Green Energy, Green Economy, Green Businesses to a ‘soft’ Green Revolution for the mankind welfare and to a Smart Sustainable Green Power.

In the context of the eco-bio-economic thinking, univ. prof. PhD Dr. h.c. Alexandru T. Bogdan, correspondent member of the Romanian Academy, initiator of the Eco-Bio-Economy, introduced the new concept of the Integrated Environment Health in a globalized world, as an Olympic health, a multidimensional, global, integrative health, a healthiness of people, plants, animals, water, soil, air, for a healthy environment: “a healthy mind, in a healthy body, in a healthy world, with a healthy environment”, (orig. A.T. Bogdan, May 2011).

 Environment health (785 millions internet quotations) is connected to all nature aspects or human-made aspects, which can affect the human health. This approach refers to the health of the environment and to the protection of the public health of the people and of the environment.

 In the same eco-bio-economic context, the Integrated Environment Health, the Food Safety and Security, the Integrated Biodiversity, the Integrated Bioethics are considered to be key elements for a Smart Integrated Sustainable Development. The Integrated Environment Health is a healthiness of all those who define life (the “bios”): people, plants, animals, waters, air, forests and soil.