The Eco-Bio-Economy may introduce the Eco-Bio-Management to the global economy, businesses, environment and social life aspects as a performant eco-bio-economic way to lead and to organize –  eco-economic and bio-economic green sustainable innovative management – to be applicable to the sustainable development, resources preservation, biodiversity and environment protection for a sustainable development of the world, businesses, communities and of the social-economy. This introduces other possible syntagms as Eco-Bio-Business or Eco-Bio-Green-Business, with final results for the green-equation in the obtainment of the consumers, clients and all interested third parties’ satisfaction, in the European and the international eco-bio-economic context. In the globalized arena of the Eco-Bio-Economy and the sustainable development, the Eco-Bio-Management may be developed to a Smart Sustainable Management defined as an eco-bio-management of future, eco-bio-sustainable, smart, harmonious, integrated and innovative, dedicated to the smart sustainable development and to the eco-bio-continuous improvement, welfare and the quality of life improvement, through innovative and rational use of the environmental resources.