Investments in the world public patrimony – biodiversity, environmental protection, sustainable development, poverty reduction and growth of social inclusion, terrorism fighting, continuous development of world economic welfare, promotion of a healthy environment, smart preservation of the Mother Earth resources, global warming reduction, unemployment reduction, businesses development in the eco-bio-economic context, promotion of eco-bio-economic diplomatic tools, of an excellence in eco-bio-diplomacy, food safety and food security, public health safe, etc. are some of the reflection topics of a smart modern world, which can be attached to be developed through the “SMART POWER” and the contextual intelligence for a SMART Sustainable Development through a SMART Sustainable Diplomacy, which can be the key success ingredients of a SMART Excellence in Environmental and Eco-Bio-Economic Affairs.

Definition: Eco-Bio-Diplomacy is a smart diplomacy of the future, dedicated to a Smart Sustainable Integrated Development of the Earth planet and of Humankind, through international cooperation among nations, by promoting Eco-Bio-Economy, the global welfare and the quality of life, through the innovative and rational use of the environmental resources.


Eco-Bio-Diplomacy can be considered a diplomacy of future, of life, of the environment in the economic and social context initiated to promote specialization in the field of the Eco-Economy, of the Bio-Economy and of the integrated concepts of a globalized Eco-Bio-Economy, which can open opportunities and collaboration in the international relations between states, institutions, organizations at various decisions and management levels. Eco-Bio-Diplomacy could be foreseen in the future – as a new philosophical sustainable horizon to initiate and to promote a modern diplomacy for the 2020-2050 years. Smart Sustainable Diplomacy using sustainable development, the eco-bio-economy tools and concepts and those related to “smart power” attraction and “contextual intelligence”, can open a large diplomatic, political multiconceptual dialogue in a multicultural globalized context – based on demonstrable values and on the force of the success stories and of the best practices – dedicated to inform, to influence, to support and to pro-actively promote the eco-bio-economy and eco-bio-diplomacy at national, trans-national and international levels to a smart sustainable integrated development of a modern globalized world.

On the other hand, the Smart Integrated Sustainable Development will stimulate an integrated sustainable social-economic development, the public health improvement, the eco-bio-economy, an intelligent welfare economy and quality of life through quality management and continuous improvement, in the context of the international relations among nations, to an integrated health of the planet Earth and Mankind welfare to a Smart Sustainable Welfare Economy. Approaches can be interdisciplinary, multipolar, multicultural and geopolitical. The world grows up …the world evolutes, at least three directions of qualitative, quantitative innovative approaches are to be applied in the modern diplomacy fields, through elements of the Smart Sustainable Diplomacy as an integrated Eco-Bio-Diplomacy, and these are:

  • Quality Innovative Eco-Bio-Diplomacy – a diplomacy that promotes quality, the eco-bio-quality, the eco-bio-innovation and the excellence in cooperation to the international relations,
  • Public Eco-Bio-Diplomacy – a public diplomacy dedicated to promote public humankind integrated health and its economic and social welfare
    in the eco-bio-economic global context,
  • Smart Eco-Bio-Diplomacy (Smart Sustainable Diplomacy)- a diplomacy dedicated to promote the Smart Sustainable Development, a Smart Power Integrated Diplomacy for the development of the international relations and global cooperation, in a global eco-bio-economic multipolar context.

Eco-Bio-Diplomacy it is a new concept, which strives to promote the vision of the Eco-Bio-Economy at a global international level, by following the diplomatic specialized channels, together with the art and the intelligence of the modern public diplomacy, in activities related to international relations and of cooperation at all levels. As any other human and professional system, the diplomacy world tends to its own development, refinement and self-development (see the Maslow needs pyramid[1]).

[1] . Maslow, A Theory of Human Motivation, Psychological Review 50 (4) (1943):370-96.