The implementation of a Pro-active Diplomatic Management and of a Pro-Participative Leadership, conceptual elements as to be – Eco-Bio-Diplomacy Management and Smart Sustainable Diplomacy Management having as pillars the Eco-Bio-Management and the Smart Sustainable Management may come to support the management development of the today and tomorrow diplomacy, as an integrated concept to be addressed to a smart sustainable development by promoting eco-bio-diplomatic modern policies, strategies, tools, diplomatic measures, type hard and soft, with methods of implementation with quality improvement measures inspired by TQM-total quality management, Kaizen and with other types of success management, quantified, using the best practices in all fields, and also the attractiveness of the success stories in all life areas, dedicated to a smart, sustainable, inclusive growth to welfare and prosperity.

The introduction of new human resources qualitative-innovative management through motivation and a constant promotion of values and of the innovative ideas, through processes standardization and of the specific diplomatic activities, through the development of new ideas and of new pro-active projects, of the specific campaigns by stimulating the spreading of the “best practices”, by motivating creativity, performance, innovation in the diplomatic act as a science. “One Diplomat-One Diplomatic launched project”, could help and support any visionary managerial attitude of the international affaires, for the sustainability of the modern diplomacy of today and of future, for an eco-bio-sustainable development in the idea that each diplomat at his/her professional level could directly contribute permanently with his/her own qualitative and innovative projects, constantly based on the diplomatic continuous specialization, on the continuous improvement of the processes and of the representation activities in foreign affairs to the development of the international relations between nations.