The intelligent combination of the concepts of “soft and hard in smart power”, it is named by professor Nye “Contextual Intelligence“. In the foreign affairs this contextual intelligence it means the capacity to intuit intelligent and integrated the diagnose of a situation, which helps politicians to combine tactics and objectives to create intelligent politic strategies (strategic smart policies), that can influence behavior through attraction and attractiveness, to result of a multipolar “soft power” attitude. The Contextual Intelligence should begin with a clear understanding of the strength, of the limits and of the weaknesses of the power of a nation. Nye says that the modern policy it is

“a 3-D chess playing game”.

At the top level, generally can be observed that the military power among states, it is unipolar, while at middle level of the economic relations and states affaires, this is multipolar, for more than a decade. At the basic level of the transnational relations which implies policies related to climate changes, biodiversity, environmental protection, illegal drugs, terrorism, pandemics…, the power is in an un-polarized and a diffused phase, extended to various actors, including non-states. The Contextual Intelligence it is necessary according to professor Nye, to produce an integrated strategy that combines soft power and hard power, having as efficient and effective result the success.