Eco-Bio-Economic-Safety directed to the economic, biodiversity, food security and food safety aspects, introduces – the new syntagm of the Eco-Bio-Economic Food Safety, to define also to a new syntagm – the Eco-Bio-Economic Social Safety, focusing the Customer Satisfaction and equally the Customer Protection, considering that food safety and social security have among other important objectives, a common target – customer satisfaction and its protection- and in extension, all interested parties. “Consumers have higher expectations regarding the environment and the animals’ welfare. Today consumers are much more informed than in the past”[1]. According to the former international standard ISO 9000-2000: Quality management systems, vocabulary and fundamental principles, (at present, ISO 9000:2005[2], in Romania SR EN ISO 9000:2006[3]) Customer satisfaction is the perception of the client considering the extent to which his requirements are fulfilled. Further to these ideas we should extend terms and studies to the Eco-Bio-Economic-Consumer Behavior and the Eco-Bio-Economic-Consumer Protection. Also, for further studies we can extend the terms to producers and to suppliers of products and services regarding their behavior on the market, with the customers and third parties: Eco-Bio-Producer Behavior and Eco-Bio-Supplier Behavior.

 Focussing on the Customer/Client and on the Consumer by quality approach and Eco-Bio-Economy, with accents on ecology, biodiversity, green economy, green business, one could introduce new trends through customer behavior and consumer protection, in direct relation with food security and food safety. The Principles of the quality management comprised in the international standard ISO 9000-2005, define the Customer Focus “Organizations depend on their customers and therefore should understand current and future customer needs, should meet customer requirements and strive to exceed customer expectations..”

[1] EFSA- European Food Safety Authority/, Strategic plan of the European Food Safety Authority for 2009-2013
[2] ISO 9000:2005 Quality management systems. Fundamentals and vocabulary