Multilateral diplomacy is facing new challenges. Eco-Bio-Diplomacy it is a new initiative and approach to the international relations in order to promote and to sustain the environment integrated health, the environment protection, the quality of life, the sustainable development, an Integrated Smart Sustainable Development in a globalized world, through the Eco-Bio-Economy, Smart Sustainable Development, elements of the EU 2020 Strategy and of the “Smart Power” US  diplomacy initiatives.

Eco-Bio-Diplomacy aims to be a modern vision to further contribute to the international diplomacy, introducing valuable concepts of the Eco-Bio-Economy – a new paradigm – the Integrated Smart Sustainable Development and the Smart Green Power syntagms, promoting a healthy integrated and a strong sustainable development of the Humankind welfare in a globalized world, in a globalized economy with a globalized healthy environment. Eco-Bio-Diplomacy is a proposal-approach to the international diplomacy of the future, to address to an Integrated Smart Sustainable Development of the planet Earth and of the Humankind, through international cooperation among nations, by promoting Eco-Bio-Economy, the global welfare and the quality of life, through innovative and rational use of the environmental resources.

Recently, PhD. Dr. h.c. Alexandru T. Bogdan, correspondent member of the Romanian Academy, delivered scientific works published in the international literature, with the endeavour to unify the two concepts of Eco-Economy (Lester Brown) and Bio-Economy (Nicholas Georgescu Roegen) through a new paradigm: “Eco-Bio-Economy”. According to the Romanian academic scientist, “Eco-Bio-Economy is an economy of future, dedicated to human life through the rational use of the environmental resources.” The world is facing the global impact of the crisis with difficult realities to cope with at economic and social levels, which also meet structural weaknesses in various areas at national, international and European levels.

On March 2010, the European Commission launched EUROPA 2020 – An European Strategy for Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth, considered an economic platform that will open new runways for the sustainable development of Europe. European diplomacy together with all member states and European Institutions will play a key role in promoting this new European economic reform targeting the sustainable development of Europe. Eco-Bio-Diplomacy may bring its contribution, too. Eco-Bio-Diplomacy to be seen… as an open house of the smart eco-bio-economic opportunities.


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[1] Alexandru T. Bogdan and others, Prospects of Agrifood Green Power in 2050 and Forecasting for 2100  with Sustainable Solutions Based on Ecobioeconomics new Paradigm, Bulletin UASVM Animal Science and Biotechnologies, 67 (1-2)/2010 Print ISSN 1843-5262; Electronic ISSN 1843-536X, http://