Dipl. ing. Dana ComsaProf. univ. Dr. ing. Dr. h.c. Prof. h.c. Alexandru T. Bogdan

         Dipl. ing. Dana Comșa                Prof. univ. Dr. ing. Dr. h.c.  Prof. h.c.Alexandru T. Bogdan                                                                                                                          

Dipl. eng. Dana Comsa is co-author to the books : „Eco-Bio-Diplomacy” initiator, “Bio-Eco-Geo-Diplomacy” initiator, „Structures of the European Union. Specific legislation elements“, ” European Union – Guide for SME’s“, “Guide for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises“, „BIO-ECONOMIC solutions to the zootechnical crise by Sustainable AgriFood i ndependence and sovereignty of Romania through the Bio-Economics and the Integrated Environmental Health towards Consumer protection” alongside other books, papers and articles. She graduated from Universitatea Tehnica “Gheorghe Asachi” in Iasi, Romania. She also took the senior management courses for Chambers of Commerce and Industry European system development held by the Eurochambres in the Eurochambres Academy. Specialisation areas include International marketing, management and international commerce, international business financing, export promotion that were developed also by the Instituto per il Commercio Estero Italia intensive trainings, the Management for development and internationalization of SME’s by Mondimpresa Italy and Training for Europe by WIFI Austrian Chambers of Commerce system intensive trainings. She is also member to the European Parliament of Enterprises 2010 Eurochambres and the European Parliament joint advanced EU project.

The postgraduate continuous studies she undertook and passed through multiple national, European and International programmes that cover fields such as: international commerce, total quality management, project management for European and international cooperation, European SME’s legislation, European integration, European quality vision, business arbitration, European policies regarding SME’s, management in the developement and the internationalization of SME’s, organizational culture and European integration, EU – Single European Market, the Quality and Conformity of Products and Services in the EU, Enviromental Protection in the EU, EU Institutions, the European system of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry, management of projects with European financing, Best practices and Benchmarking, Lobby and Advocacy, Business export promotion and International affairs. She was also nominated as Honorary Scientific Researcher and Honorary Member in the Scientific Council of the Center for Studies and Research in Agrosilvical Biodiversity “David Davidescu” of the National Institute of Economic Research ” Costin C. Kiritescu” of the Romanian Academy. With a practical experience of over 15 years she gained over time in the Chambers of commerce and industry EU systems, international business relations, international business development, international business protocol, business events & conferences, fairs and exhibitions events, B2B and multipolar business events, global business promotion and business development, export promotion, foreign investments, management of European funded projects and training programmes for entrepreneurship and business development, Eco-Bio- Economy, Eco-Bio-Diplomacy – at graduate and postgraduate academic levels she lectures as trainer on: „Eco-Bio-Diplomacy and SMART Sustainable Development”, „Bio-Eco-Geo-Diplomacy”, „Globalisation and Export promotion”, “Eco-Bio-Management and Eco-Bio-Business Ethics”, “EU – Single European Market and SME’s promotion”, „International businesses”, „European Institutions vision for quality”, “Structures of the EU”, “Success management, business performance, customer behavior”, „Export Sales performance”, “Leadership and motivation for human resources”, “TQM – Total Quality Management”, “Eco-Bio-Green TQM and businesses”. 

„Eco-Bio-Diplomacy it is a smart diplomacy of the future, dedicated to the Smart Sustainable Integrated Development of the Earth planet and of the Humankind, through international cooperation among nations, by promoting Eco-Bio-Economy, the global welfare and the quality of life, through innovative and rational use of the environmental resources.”And if, the sustainable development contains four growth pillars: economic sustainability, social sustainability, environmental sustainability, cultural diversity sustainability; its related diplomatic vision would be a Smart Sustainable Development to conduct an eco-bio-economic “smart power” attitude designed to be applicable on all “hard” and “soft” available life resources.    Dana Comșa orig. 

 Dana Comsa Eco-Bio-Diplomacy definition FIG. prof. univ.dr. dr.h.c. prof.h.c. ALEXANDRU T. BOGDAN correspondent member to the Romanian Academy. Initiator of the Eco-Bio-Economy paradigm..3jpg prof. univ.dr. dr.h.c. prof.h.c. ALEXANDRU T. BOGDAN correspondent member to the Romanian Academy. Initiator of the Eco-Bio-Economy paradigm..and Dana Comsa ...authors of ECO-BIO-DIPLOMACY prof. univ.dr. dr.h.c. prof.h.c. ALEXANDRU T. BOGDAN correspondent member to the Romanian Academy. Initiator of the Eco-Bio-Economy paradigm.